We deliver high impact business transformation for those leading immediate change in their organisation. It is the coordination of a structured period of transition from situation A to B in order to achieve lasting change within an organisation.

Paul Cons

Managing Director

Cake Baker and Retailer, 29% EBITDA growth. Closure of loss making shops, rationalisation of product offering and pricing. Defining a plan to move from 6 shops to 20 in London and 50 across the UK and key flagship stores in global capital                                      

Konditor and Cook cakes_200_thumb “TO BRING JOY”

           Amazingly baked

Wonderfully Served

Happily Devoured


  • I can’t thank Elephants Child enough for all their help and support. It was a fascinating process to physically stand back from the business, highlighting our strengths and weaknesses and creating a plan perfectly suited to the team and company as a whole. They quickly understood the ethos of both my brand and myself as an artist and have also outsourced individuals to help with certain roles within the business, to help with growth and development.
    Juliet Travers, Juliet Travers Ltd, Wallpapers and Fabrics.

  • "We've now completed three full days of strategic planning and we're impressed and delighted with the outcomes so far. A clinical analysis of our current circumstances and our environment has led to a rigorous, challenging but achievable three year roadmap that will increase our turnover 4-fold with a similar improvement in margins. A critical part of this is freeing Directors from day-to-day activity to enable them to focus on strategy (both regarding operations and business development)."

    Boom Training Ltd is a regional training provider offering advice and solutions to companies seeking to improve productivity of their office-based functions through professional training of staff in these areas.

  • "Richard Murray has personally helped me to become a better leader, focus on strategy and step away from those day to day jobs we all tend to get sucked into! We work with Richard on a monthly basis working towards our goals, which I must say is one of the best decisions we've made in a long time.
    Lemon Zest, Marketing Agency.

  • "If I were to sum Elephants Child up in three words I would say, Reflective, Trustworthy, Action."
    Ian Mallalue, Director, Innovation 1st.

  • "We met with Elephants Child in order to discuss strategic options and formulate a business plan to achieve sustainable growth over the next few years.

    "We were impressed with the way they seemed to grasp and understand the key issues very quickly, making a number of relevant recommendations."
    Lee Ackerman, Director, The Flower Shops.

  • "It is no coincidence that our businesses have grown rapidly since we started working with Richard. He is experienced and pragmatic, has made us focus on strategy and core business and has been an important part of our team for some time now."

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