Client Success

Langstone Engineering

What was the catalyst?

We needed outside support to guide us to the next level. When we interviewed with the guys I think it was in the summer of 2020. They were very keen, but they weren’t pushy, and they just come up with loads of good, logical solutions for myself, being a conventional engineer. We needed professionals behind us to be able to coach us to the right levels and push us in the right direction to make Langstone thrive in the future.

Who was your business growth advisor?

Andrew Benson and it worked for us because of his laid back approach to the way we do things, I think it is understanding the fact that Andy’s an old boy. He knows angles and areas that I have no idea about in the commercial world. He was very straight talking, which I really liked, no messing around just a very helpful guy. He is always there to support you through tricky times. Which I would say was the whole process from the strategy to marketing the company. He put us in a position where we could get the company ready to sell to some investors. It’s having professionals on board which has made it relatively easy for myself, where I suppose as an out and out engineer, all I want to do is just make or develop things.

Why Elephants Child?

The reason I’d recommend Elephants Child is again, because they have a vast knowledge in different industries, and their commercial knowledge and marketing skills are second to none. We need these guys and girls on boards, to really open our eyes to what every company’s potential is, and again, their support makes potential investors look at us. It’s something that I potentially couldn’t have done without the help of Elephants Child.

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