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Wild Fawn

What was the Catalyst?

I started Wild Fawn my jewellery business about four or five years ago. And it was a hobby, so I’ve just grown into what it is today – which is five of us in total. It got to the stage where I really needed some kind of strategic help. Being at home during COVID meant I could take part in lots of webinars and learning sessions, which is where I discovered Elephants Child.

Why Elephants Child?

They have made me really focus on the future. Whereas before then I was definitely more concerned with the now. Elephants Child has helped me realise that the business can be what I want it to be. And you just need to adapt your mindset into thinking “ what do I need for that to happen?” I’m planning to get to that point. Elephants Child has made me realise it can be long-term, a lifelong business with a lot of potential, and it’s made me more excited about the business and has basically reinvigorated me. For the next three years, it’s about growing what we’ve got – we have the people in place ready for us to grow.

When was the right time?

I started Wild Fawn about four or five years ago and it was a hobby. I’ve just grown it from a hobby into what it is today. There are five of us in total now. And it got to the stage where I really needed some kind of strategic help.

Who was your business growth advisor?

I work with Kevin, and he is actually really good at articulating what I’m thinking. It’s really good to have someone on your side as well. Having someone who has had experience in this kind of thing, is really enlightening because it if you have ideas and you say out loud, and then someone else says that that’s a good idea. Yes, it builds your confidence. Or it’s really nice to know, if you aren’t sure about something, you can bounce those ideas off someone and talk it through. So Kevin is helping me basically realise a dream and also be more strategic.

How do you feel now?

I guess I feel more grown up to actually sort my life out in a financial way and it’s made me a bit more relaxed about things in general. Now if I am ill, I’ve got cover back when I used to make the jewellery (I don’t anymore), but little things like that are in the back of your mind.

Where do you see yourself moving forward?

For the next three years, it’s basically about growth. We have got the base there, we have the people in place ready for us to grow. And Elephants Child are helping me take the next step.

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