Client Success


What was the catalyst?

I recently decided to undertake a strategic review 18 months into a strategy that we agreed with our board. And having survived a global pandemic, it felt like the right time to check in on our progress and to think about whether we needed to refresh our strategy, and course correct in any way for the next period of our journey here at Yell. Now, as CEO, I wanted to fully participate in that strategic review. And therefore, I was looking for some help to facilitate our sessions and our discussions and get us to a better place in terms of outcomes and next steps.

Why elephants child?

I didn’t want to work with one of the big strategic consultancy firms, I really wanted practical, hands on help and advice from people who’ve done it themselves and who would understand what it feels like to be running a business and delivering outcomes for a board and a set of private equity investors. I was fortunate enough to have Elephants Child recommended to me by someone who was already working with them and who said that Martin and the team were doing a great job.

How do you feel now?

I’m very pleased to say that Martin and team helped us through our strategic review process, and they really challenged us to think about sources of value that we can create in the business and they’ve helped us move from being a senior leadership team, who is running a business to a senior leadership team who are creating value and leading a business towards its natural exit. They really did challenge our thinking they were engaging, they were supportive, and they helped move us on as a team, to what I now think is a better place.

Would you recommend Elephants Child?

I would fully recommend working with Elephants Child. They are, in my opinion, helpful, supportive, challenging, but most of all, they are great value for money. And they really do understand what it’s like to walk in your shoes as a customer because they’ve done it themselves. And that level of practical hands-on experience is incredibly valuable as you go through a process like that.

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