World Mental Health Day


Chloe Carey, our HR specialist, has written this article and tips for businesses on mental health in the workplace and why it should be a priority:

This is a subject which has been very close to my heart over the past couple of years.  Mental health should be a high priority in the workplace, more and more employers that I work with are turning their attention to it. 

Even more so since the pandemic with 80%** of those living with mental illness saying that they felt negatively impacted. 

The stats also put 1 in 4 of us struggling at some point in the last 12 months with our wellbeing. 

So, it seems sensible then that employers ensure that they have the resources and skills within the workplace to respond to their employees needs. 

For anyone thinking about how they can honour World Mental Health Day here are my 10 suggestions: 

  1. Sign up for and watch the “Forward together for Mental Health” show that Mental Health-UK have created in partnership with ITN – then share it far and wide 
  2. Host a big mental health get together to celebrate being able to get together with others again 
  3. Think about what changes you could offer in the workplace such as payroll giving or charity of the year partnerships to support a charity aligned with mental health, locally to you or nationally 
  4. Promote your Company’s mental health and wellbeing benefits such as your Employee Assistance Program and Health Insurance plans 
  5. Offer reimbursement for Mental Health Apps such as Headspace and Calm 
  6. Encourage team members who are still working remotely to block out time in the calendars for breaks. 
  7. Have senior team members share their own mental health journeys.  The more that employees recognise that nearly everyone, including top management are dealing with wellbeing issues, the more likely they’ll be open to getting help for themselves 
  8. Educate your teams with information and workshops, breaking down the stigmas and misconceptions by providing key information to people. 
  9. Follow the Random Act of Kindness principle – send some Random Messages of Kindness to team members letting people know that they are supported and appreciated can go a long way 
  10. Explore the resources available for employers, start with a simple google search “resources for employers on World Mental Health Day 

I found lots – downloadable guides, toolkits, even some mental health first aid training  


Here at Elephants Child our charity of the year is ‘Mind’ in memory of  our dear colleague    Dave Ewing.


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