How to Achieve Business Success in 2022

Make 2022 your best year yet – tips for SMEs to maximise growth and success in 2022


Thoughts from our CEO, Martin Brown, as we kick off the year 2022.

“My big reflection over the Christmas period is a bit of that Sinek thinking. And going back to that question of why. Why are we doing this? What is it all about?

  1. Do Not Do Nothing

To help us manage our way through the uncertainty that will evolve through the 2022 year, the first thing is, do not do nothing. This is not a time to drift. This is a time to take control, this is the time to set your plan. And this is a time to really push forward.

  1. Manage With Technology

It’s important to manage with knowledge, make sure that technology is working for you, make sure the science is working for you. Make sure you’ve got really good management information, and you are using it and acting on it.

  1. Embrace The Market

The third thing is embrace the market. Yes, COVID will evolve further Yes, Brexit will start to reveal itself in many different forms. But it’s up to us to embrace those market challenges. There will be a level of volatility as this distress market starts to emerge. There are businesses out there that will struggle and have been struggling. And all of that will start to play itself out, embrace it, understand it, strategize around it and get your plan in place and implemented.

  1. Set Your Strategic Intent

The fourth area is to revisit or set your strategic intent. What is your direction of travel for the long term? And now critically, what does that mean in terms of objectives for 2022, link those objectives back to the reason why, and you could be in for a fantastic year.

Take the opportunity, plan for success in 2022 and make this the best year ever. If you want any support or guidance, or at least our help or even our comment, please do get in touch.

We look forward to working with you