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A clear ESG strategy, as a fully integrated component of your overall business growth plan, will help keep you focused on your ‘why’, ensure you are building a resilient and sustainable business for the future, whilst also providing additional opportunities to engage with key stakeholders and positively impact your bottom line through long term cost savings, ultimately creating long term value in your business. 

We  have developed a roadmap to help you understand where you are in terms of your current ESG position and how you can move forward in a way that is both affordable and accessible. 

4 outcomes:

ESG Audit

An audit of your business to see how you are currently performing on all ESG elements, in partnership with Eevery

ESG Strategy and Action Plan

What you can do as responsible business, with ESG at the heart of your organisation, to drive performance and culture

Wider Consultation Work

A holistic look at your business needs, and how ESG fitsinto your overall business growth strategy, engaging with your key stakeholders 

B Corp Pathway

Achievable objectives for SMEs to become leading responsible businesses, with practical strategies to prepare for B Corp certification 

We are determined to help business leaders to put ESG actions into practice.

ESG is already having an impact on your business – but are you proactively including it within your business growth strategy and your risk management approachWe cut through the myriad of ESG terminology and regulation, making it relevant and impactful for SMEsWe focus on practical, actionable ESG strategies to help your business move forward with confidence in achieving a return on investment. Act now to maximise the opportunities and minimise the risks. 

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Planning your ESG strategy for 2024 and beyond

Kickstart your ESG journey by downloading these ten key questions to understand where your business is now and how to plan for success. 

If you would like to watch a recording of our recent ESG webinar with case studies from other SMEs and tips for success in 2024 please get in touch and we’ll share the link.

Your ESG Journey

ESG for small businesses

Three ways to start your ESG journey

Three risks if your SME doesn’t have an ESG strategy

Nick Hunt, Danni Brotherston, and Alex Davies are our specialist ESG Business Growth Advisory Team.

Between them they have many years of experience in environmental and social impact. Alongside his Elephants Child work, Alex is currently leading Sustainability and ESG at Cancer Research UK.  Nick is a passionate advocate of business as a force for good and spends much of his time helping develop sustainable growth strategies for a wide range of our clients. Danni also works with businesses on their growth journey, with a keen emphasis on purposeful and sustainable business practices.

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Insights and articles

Read our latest articles on how to implement ESG in your business, the benefits of doing so, learn from other businesses on a similar journey, and hear from our resident ESG Business Growth Advisor Alex Davies in our insight articles.

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