What is a BCorp and why become one?

A B Corporation, commonly known as BCorp, is a type of for-profit business that meets rigorous social and environmental performance standards. BCorps are committed to balancing profit with a broader purpose, considering the impact of their decisions on workers, communities, and the environment. To achieve BCorp status, companies undergo a comprehensive assessment that evaluates their performance in various areas, including governance, employee relations, environmental practices, and community engagement. BCorp certification is a recognition of a company’s commitment to responsible business practices and its dedication to making a positive impact on society and the planet. This isn’t just about a badge; it’s about fundamentally redefining how business success is measured.

So why consider becoming a BCorp?

Businesses today recognise their influence in driving positive change. Becoming a BCorp is valuable for businesses aiming to integrate social and environmental responsibility into their operations. It offers advantages such as:

  • appealing to conscious consumers
  • engaging employees
  • gaining a competitive edge
  • and accessing a global network of like-minded organisations

BCorp status is a strategic move, aligning your business with a growing global movement that values ethical and sustainable practices – It’s not about what you do or sell; it’s about how you do it, and WHY you do it.

If you’re interested in joining the movement of businesses making a difference, then please reach out. We can help guide you on your BCorp journey, support you through the assessment process, identifying areas for improvement, and providing tailored strategies for positive change. Let’s make purpose-driven business the new norm.