Scott Country International – ESG Case Study

We worked with Scott Country International (SCI) to develop their Business Growth Plan, where we focused on ways to bring ESG considerations into the heart of their future growth strategy as a purpose-led business.  This led to Elephants Child supporting SCI with an ESG baseline audit and developing a clear action plan for an authentic ESG growth journey, including SCI’s first Impact Report.

Cowan Scott, Managing Director, Scott Country International, explained what a difference the process has made to their business:

“ESG.. Three letters that meant little or nothing to me just 6 months ago.. are now shaping the way my business is run today. 

“Up until recently, our various ISO accreditations were central to our business and regarded as a measure of our competence and professionalism. However, our ESG journey has shown us that ISO is merely a validation of those processes. It doesn’t address our impact on the environment, nor shed light on how we deal with the social aspects and governance side of the business. Our ESG impact statement addresses these areas in an open and transparent way by communicating our ongoing objectives to consumers, public and private sector partners alike.

“There has been a noticeable shift in consumer behaviour with purchase decisions being made on more than just price and the level of service provided.

“Our journey with ESG has already shaped our way of thinking and our decision making process. It’s important to remember that ESG doesn’t have a final destination, it’s a continuous process of improvement which will allow our business to keep pace with new developments in an ever changing environment.”


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