Planning your ESG strategy for 2024 and beyond

Ready for 2024 

A clear ESG strategy is increasingly important for business growth. If you are planning for 2024, Environmental, Social and Governance factors need to be part of your business plans. Join us for a free one-hour webinar to get you and your company ready.   


Maximise opportunities and minimise risks 

Applying the ESG lens to your business will help you take advantage of opportunities and minimise risks across a broad number of aspects of your business; it will also help your company to be more resilient.  

A strong focus on ESG commitments can open funding opportunities as well as help with attracting and keeping your best people.  

It’s also the right thing to do for our environment, your people and the community around you.  


Hooke Highways have started their journey and see huge benefits 

Join Elephants Child and Eevery for our free webinar to find out more: 


  • What ESG really means for you, your clients, your employees, and business growth in 2024 
  • How you can factor ESG into your overall business plans (including practical tips and quick wins) 
  • Hear SME business leaders talking about their ESG experience and share their knowledge 


Join us 10.30-11.30  

Tuesday 28 November 

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If you can’t make it, contact Nick Hunt for a call about developing your SMEs ESG plans for 2024.