Project Description


Boba Box were the first company to launch Bubble Tea and Juice Balls in the UK. In 2022 they sold the equivalent of 7,070,634 cups of bubble tea across 28 countries. We asked founder Yoshi Lee about her experience of working with elephants child.

What was the catalyst? 

I wanted an exit strategy

Why Elephants Child? 

My main advisor, Nick Bayley, came recommended from someone whose values aligned with mine and when I met Nick, I felt the same way. I really felt all advisors were on my side, were really encouraging and knowledgeable but most importantly, the company worked with integrity and passion. They in turn have recommended me to other companies where they felt might be aligned which has been very beneficial.

When was the right time?

When I realised, I achieved all the goals I had wanted in the business and wanted a new challenge 

Who was your Business Growth Advisor? 

Nick Bayley and his values. Nick was able to teach me so much in a short amount of time, and as a business owner for 13+ years, I felt overwhelmed and humbled by how much I didn’t know. I have really enjoyed learning from a consultant’s/coach’s view and my conversations with Nick make me really feel like I am not alone in growing my business.

How do you feel now? 

Humbled. I am still going through the process and still learning in every meeting. Although initially hesitant to see what value add and ROI I could really get from a cost and time perspective (always thinking of things commercially), the things I am learning now and will take forward, will go far beyond my current role and position. Some of these things will be lessons for life.

Where do you see yourself going forwards?

The whole intention is to grow and exit. I intend to grow the company’s position as a market leader and after exit, see where I can use my talents elsewhere and find my new passion.