Project Description

Fred Keeling, Operations Director at Datalynx tells us about his experiences of going through our Business Growth Planning process:

What was the catalyst?

For us it was that we are a small company going through a period of growth and had transitioned to a point that we’ve not been at before. We’re a small senior leadership team and we wanted some advice from people who’ve been in our situation before and could help us.


Why elephants child?

elephants child were recommended to us by someone who runs a similar sized company and is a little further ahead on their path to growth. We met elephants child a few times and we like that they specialize in small business growth and as a small business that really appealed to us.


Who was your business growth advisor?

Nick Hunt was our business growth advisor. He’s very personable and knows what he’s talking about but also respects the fact that between us we have our experience too and he balanced that really well.


How do you feel now?

We now have a clear plan which we didn’t have before but importantly, it’s a plan that is informed and externally verified, not just something we’ve done internally with no experience.


What’s next?

What’s next for us is a transition and a maturity to develop the company for a period of growth.


Three words to sum up your experience

Productive, supportive, and motivating