Project Description

A development consultancy, Urbanissta specialises in planning consultation, heritage and landscape services. In simple terms, they get PLC housebuilders, land traders or private clients planning permissions for new residential or commercial developments.

What were you looking to achieve?

I wanted really to be challenged about the approach that the business has to investment and also some help or support in progressing and implementing our plans for growth. And I also saw some of the benefits of the mentoring support which I thought would be valuable.

Why did you choose Elephants Child?

I liked both Crawfurd and Kevin, and I could see that Elephants Child had a lot that they could bring to the table. So it seemed a logical next step really to work with them to hopefully support our business growth.

What made the relationship work?

I could see that Kevin could provide the support guidance that both myself and the team would benefit from.

How do you feel now?

I’m more optimistic about our route to growth and feel that we’ve got the support really to develop our team to achieve our collective objectives and aspirations. So yes, really optimistic.

Where do you see yourself going forwards?

I have a very simple one – onwards and upwards really.

Would you recommend Elephants Child?

I would recommend Elephants Child. Definitely individuals definitely can see the strategic issues relating to business so I think it would be useful for lots of people in lots of different ways.

Three words to sum up your experience?

Constructive. Positive. Enjoyable.