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Steve Humm

Business Growth Advisor

Steve is an accomplished senior executive with board level experience predominantly in the private sector.

He has a track record of delivering tangible and measurable value to businesses, many of which are household names, and has a history of creating very successful outcomes.

Experienced in a number of industries including Telecoms, Financial Services, Banking, Leisure and Multi Channel Retail, he combines strong business and industry understanding with a real commercial approach. With a wide network of former colleagues, customers and associates he has built trusted relationships which have helped him win significant deals (£100m+) and create lasting partnerships.

A rounded exec and non-exec, Steve has a particular sweet spot in Operations and IT. He has achieved much of his success as the change agent in business turnaround and transformation, driving 10x share price increases and 2x (and more) ROI on Acquisitions.

He has worked all around the UK, Europe and the world with people from many different cultures and with different working practices. He has managed significant budgets, contracts and teams crossing borders and in disparate locations and many of his exec roles have been in heavily regulated environments.

Having been born and raised in the North East of England he has spent most of his life in Yorkshire. Outside work he enjoys football, good food and drink and warm climates.