Juicing It

One of the simplest ways to win new business is to sell more to people you know – a process affectionately known as juicing or squeezing the lemon1. You already have a relationship with these people, they know that they can trust you, and they value your work. So, what are your options? Geoff Gwynn, one of our Business Growth Advisors has some advice for you. 


“Think about how you can add extra services or value for your existing clients. What can you add on to the existing products or services you provide to them and create incremental easy revenue. Think about what you could offer to save them time, money or energy, or all three?   

“Make sure current clients and customers are aware of the different products and services that you offer, don’t assume they understand all of your business.  

“Be clear on the value that you bring to clients and make sure your prices represent that value. Many of the businesses that we work with struggle to talk about the value of what they offer, they often just think about pricing. But we have never come across a business that is charging too little for what they do.” 


Get in touch and let’s step through the Juicing It process. Within 15 minutes you will have an account plan for your existing clients. The process will produce an amazing list of new projects with your existing clients, giving you a huge upside in profitable sales.  It will allow you to create stronger more engaged relationships with your client in understanding their strategic intent, growth objectives, structure, focus and decision making process.  

Case study, testimonial video content and evidence are a further outcome enabling you to tell your story in the most powerful and compelling way. 

Finally, through referrals, the Juicing It process is your route to new client acquisition. 

With a recent client we completed Juicing It for, just by reviewing one of their clients, they uncovered more than 40% of their desired sales growth for the next three years!  

Your opportunity to grow, create, and exit your business for the maximum value is much closer than you think. Contact us.


1. Cranfield University call this process ‘squeezing the lemon’