Project Description

What was the catalyst?

We were thinking in the medium term about what our plans were for the business, how to think about exiting at the right time, and how to realize the value in our company. This was following discussions with our financial advisor and we felt it will be beneficial to talk to some business advisor.


Why elephants child?

We were introduced to elephants child through Mathieson Financial Services. After that, we had a couple of very informative introductory calls and it felt like a good fit, and that the advisors were really knowledgeable.


Who was your business growth advisor?

Crawfurd Walker was our business growth advisor. We struck up a good level of understanding with him. He’s very knowledgeable and dealings with him were informative and helpful. He quickly understood our sector which we found to be very beneficial. He could see the gaps and how we might fill those gaps.


How do you feel now?

Generally really good and very enthusiastic. We feel refreshed about our business.  We found it very enlightening and realised that we had perhaps underestimated ourselves.  We’ve now got a clear path of what we want to do and what we can achieve.


What’s next?

We will work through the plan. It’s pretty ambitious, we need to realize the growth plan and also make sure that we have the right governance in place


Three words to sum up your experience

Enlightening refreshing and fulfilling


Final thoughts

Thanks to Crawfurd. We found this really helpful, a very refreshing experience and we are very glad that we did it.